BREAKING: Iowa Reversal Stuns Biden – Voter Count Proves…

It wasn’t the best job a president had ever done in Iowa, but back in June, Biden at least was able to get 43% of Iowans to approve of the job he’s been doing.

Just two short months later, that number has plummeted by 12 points. His disapproval rating has increased ten points over that same time period.

62% of voters in Iowa currently disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing.

Go back to March of 2021, and Biden was actually above water in Iowa, 47% approving to 44% disapproving.

A national poll also asked if the country was more or less divided under Joe Biden. 54% of the country said it is LESS united because of Joe Biden.

It’s not bad being in the majority, is it?

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  4. It’s finally happening – the destruction of this country is coming to light !!! What can be done to save America – I’m sorry to say – NOT MUCH !!! The people of this great country are destroying it at an alarming rate !!! Will the country straighten out or will it be the shambles its become ???

  5. If we the people will destroy the illegal voting machines and stop China fromgging sysour election tem .e Then will be fine. If fraud is allowed to run ramped, then we will loose this country to crooks.

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