BREAKING: Supreme Court Agrees To Do It – Voters In SHOCK

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of Joseph Kennedy.

In case you don’t know him by name, you probably know him as the coach that was fired for praying at the 50-yard-line after a high-school football game.

Kennedy began working at Bremerton High School in 2008.

He had worked his way up to assistant coach of the varsity football team and the head coach of the school’s jayvee team.

Now, he’s without a job because the woke mob didn’t like the fact that he was a Christian in public.

“When the School District fired him for that fleeting religious exercise out of endorsement concerns, it not only violated the First Amendment, but it — it ignored a veritable wall of this Court’s precedents that make clear that a school does not endorse private religious speech just because it fails to censure it,” Kennedy’s lawyer argued.

Early reports out of the case indicate that the court seems to be leaning toward the coach’s favor at the moment.

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