BREAKING: Verdict Spells DOOM For Joe Biden – Voters Stunned…

Amanda Adkins is a Republican candidate in Kansas’ Third Congressional District looking to unseat Democrat Representative Sharice Davids.

Obviously Adkins has to make a little noise to get her profile up heading into elections, but I really didn’t expect her to start bringing heat like this so quickly.

According to Amanda, when it comes to the Biden administration, Americans are fired up at the lack of strategy and planning by the Biden administration.

And she’s completely correct.

“It is important for conservatives in the Republican Party to win seats like this continuously, you know, we need to do well in suburbia, we need to pull in independent voters,” Adkins said. “I see a strong conservative streak right now and in, in center-right voters in general because people want to see limited government, they want freedom, they want to be the decision-makers. I mean, that’s what America is all about.”

While Biden is doing a horrible job of planning anything, one aspect Adkins was especially pissed about is the economy. Biden has no answers for what is happening there, and instead of actually thinking what would be best for America long-term, he is ruining America by coming up with half-baked spending plans that barely provide any temporary solutions. The man’s out of his mind, and we finally have somebody ready to back us up on this.

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