BREAKING: Trump Enemy CAUGHT Red-Handed In Virus Scandal [Details Here]

Months ahead of a tough reelection battle, Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer held a string of California fundraisers. During this time, her state was leading the country in new COVID cases.

Records reviewed by Fox News indicate that Whitmer held fundraisers in strongholds across California in November of 2021.

Her first order of business in California was holding an event in a private residence on November 16, a party that put around $78,000 in her pocket.

November 17 meant a fundraising stop in San Francisco. The day after that, a reception in Palo Alto… you get the idea.

The communications director of Michigan’s GOP, Gustavo Portela, explained on Fox exactly why it was so concerning to see Whitmer parading around in California while her state was dealing with the worst COVID flare-up in the country without her.

“The more reports come out, the more we uncover about Gretchen Whitmer’s priorities, which are not to keep Michiganders safe, but rather, to ascend the political ladder while destroying livelihoods. It’s clear she can’t be trusted to lead the state or keep people safe from this deadly virus. We must retire her and her cronies this fall.”

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