BREAKING: Fox News Host Gives Last Hope – Viewers Shocked…

When it comes to saving Freedom of Speech, Tucker Carlson is hitching his hope wagon to one horse, and one horse only.

That pony’s name?

Elon Musk.

According to Tucker, Elon Musk may very well be America’s last hope for truly free online speech.

“It looks possible that Elon Musk will seize control of Twitter and end censorship on that platform. Now, why should you care about that? It’s like a tech story, right? Who cares about social media, here’s why you should care, because if that were to happen, we could see a return of free speech to the United States and nothing should give you more hope than that possibility.

A free Twitter would mean an open debate about ideas on the single most important incubator of elite opinion in the world. It would mean a return to free and fair elections in the United States, a system in which both sides are allowed to make their case to the public, and then the public can decide. It is called democracy.”

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