She just revealed everything and the video is going viral on social media. President Trump is completely stunned, but in a good way — Americans need to hear these words.

“They attack the one president who has done the absolute most for black America,” said author and speaker Candace Owens, criticizing liberal Democrats for trying to ruin Trump’s presidency.

Owens us an outspoken supporter of President Trump’s and she isn’t holding back — even though, as an African-American, she has been on the receiving end of hate and intolerance from the left.

She wants everyone to know about how Trump did something “that will forever be recorded in black history as a turning point for our community” even before he become president of the United States.

On the campaign trail in Michigan, Trump “boldly looked black America straight in the face and he asked us, ‘What do you have to lose?'” This was a major turning point for Owens.

“What I love about Donald Trump the most is his audacity … to call out these crooked black Democrat politicians that have received billions in aid from our government and effectively stolen it from the struggling cities they represent,” said Owens.

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