BREAKING: Shocking Video of Donald Trump Surfaces… Wow

File this under something Barack Obama would never be caught dead doing. And no, I’m not talking about standing up to Iran or reading the Constitution.

In a video that’s going viral, President Trump was recorded praying with the athletes on the University of Alabama football team. Trump invited the boys from the Crimson Tide to the White House and congratulated them for winning the Southeastern Conference.

During the visit, the president joined them in prayer in a touching moment which was posted to Twitter. This is why Trump’s approval ratings keep climbing. (Read More…)

Laura Ingraham makes fiery return to Fox News, calls out ‘Stalinist’ opposition

Laura Ingraham just returned from a week-long vacation, and she’s ready for battle. She returns to Fox News on the heels of some controversial remarks she made about David Hogg, the anti-gun activist from Parkland, Flordia.

Ingraham’s comments, probably made in a moment of frustration, were heavily criticized and she eventually apologized for them. But the response from Hogg and his supporters around the country was downright malicious.

Rather than accept her apology, David went whole Hogg; seeking out Ingraham’s advertisers and trying to destroy her livelihood. Ingraham has boldly condemned her critics while gearing up for a long-term fight — and I wouldn’t count her out. (Read More…)

Report of John McCain’s return in May was a ‘miscommunication,’ says senator

A recent report from Sen. Inhofe’s office, which said that Sen. McCain was returning to work next month, was wrong. There was apparently a miscommunication, so we’re back to not being in the dark about McCain’s return.

Sen. McCain, of course, is still recovering from his surgery and treatments for his brain cancer and has made good progress, according to his family. Like him or not, McCain is better than a Democrat, so I’m thankful for his planned return. (Read More…)

Judicial Watch sues State, Justice Departments for Uranium One documents

Not only does Hillary have a U.S. Attorney from Utah investigating her, but now Judicial Watch is on the case. This will ensure that the details of the Uranium One scandal will be brought into public view.

Judicial Watch has filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for any and all information related to Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One deal. FOIA suits can take a very long time, but the pressure is on, and that’s a necessary step in the right direction. (Read More…)

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