Urgent Mueller Warning Issued

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has been battling the feds to uncover information about the Mueller probe for many, many months. In filing all of his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, he’s discovered some very interesting details.

Indeed, Judicial Watch has been exclusively responsible for some of the important revelations about the 2016 presidential election. In a recent video, he outlines exactly why the second most senior member of the Mueller investigation, Andrew Weissman, is far too biased to be on the team.

Weissman sent Sally Yates, the former Attorney General, emails praising her for refusing to enforce President Trump’s travel ban earlier this year. This is astounding, and against the lawyer’s code of ethics (to represent their client irrespective of their own personal opinion). And here Weissman is praising her, saying he’s “in awe” of Yates.

How likely is this man to be impartial when investigating the President? Answer: not very. (Read More…)

Juan Williams: Republicans will suffer because they passed tax cuts

Juan Williams is predicting that Republicans will fail at the voting booth next year because of the tax reform bill that passed just last week. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Actually, it was a great early Christmas present. Nearly everyone from the middle class to the high-earners will receive a tax cut. It also removed the penalties for not adhering to the Obamacare mandate.

Williams, however, thinks that because the bill (according to a few polls) is currently unpopular, that it will lead to Republican defeats. First, the mainstream media has been directly attacking the bill for months, and that will naturally sway some opinion. Second, polls are far from perfect (remember when Trump won last year?).

Lastly, voters will know that the economy is in a better state than it was just a year or two prior, and it certainly is. In fact, it’s doing incredibly well. Republicans should be just fine. (Read More…)

Dep. of Homeland Security publicly warns ‘Chain Migration’ is a national security danger

One might think this would be so obvious it doesn’t have to be said. Chain migration is the process by which admitted immigrants are allowed to bring their families (including very extended family members) with them into the United States.

This is a particularly odd practice when winners of the Diversity Lottery program are admitted into the country, and they bring along a big group of their family members. Chain migration and the diversity lottery would be an unusual practice that few paid attention to if it weren’t for one important detail: the last three terrorist attacks in the U.S. were committed by recipients of these programs.

From October until Christmas, there were three attacks, two in New York and one in Pennsylvania, where 4 different perpetrators of the attacks made their way through the system in non-merit-based programs. President Trump has been warning Americans about these sorts of initiatives since his campaign for president began. It turns out he was right on the money. (Read More…)

Bombshell: Congress targets top FBI officials in criminal investigation

In response to the never-ending investigations by the FBI and Department of Justice, House Republicans decided to create an investigation of their own.

The House Intelligence Committee Republicans, led by Chairman Devin Nunez of California, have been quietly investigating the members of Mueller’s team for months. Nunez has intimated that a report will be ready early next year for public consumption, and it promises to be very interesting.

Most notable is the allegation that the Mueller team may have criminally mishandled information obtained by the Trump transition team. If this is true, it would likely spell the end of Mueller and his team. At this point that might be for the best. (Read More…)

Report: Liberal’s new minimum wage hikes are about to wipe out countless jobs

How many times will this happen before liberals learn? Their policies, although well-intended, usually cause more harm than good. Economists are warning that the “Fight for $15” movement if enacted, will kill jobs in every state or locality where these laws were passed.

This should surprise no one. When the costs of labor go up, employers and business owners will look for alternatives. California will likely see this exact outcome by 2022 when their unrealistic minimum wage laws become effective.

High minimum wage laws tend to take positions away from young people and minority workers. In the ever-advancing technological world of today, it’s likely that some jobs will become entirely automated, and that workers in those fields will have no jobs at all. Great job liberals. (Read More…)

Pope Francis warns the ‘winds of war’ are threatening the world

In his annual Christmas message, Pope Francis warned that the “winds of war” are blowing around the world. This is unsettling, to say the least. Pope Francis went on to criticize the Trump administration for recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel.

He also implied that capitalism is an ‘outdated model of development” that “continues to produce human, societal and environmental decline.” What a strange line of thinking for the pontiff.

Capitalism isn’t perfect, nothing is. But capitalism has brought 50% of the world out of poverty, and that’s just within like five or six decades. Outdated? It’s really just getting started.

One of the Pope’s roles is, of course, to encourage his flock to be moral and self-improving people. It is understandable for him to warn people against indulging in their worst impulses for selfish gain. Presumably, that’s what he intended in his address. (Read More…)

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