BREAKING: Ukranian Labs SHOCKER Confirmed – American People Stunned..

Tulsi Gabbard stopped by Fox News on March 9, and let America know exactly how she felt about the reports that America was operating biowarfare laboratories in Ukraine.

She is furious at Biden for covering up the existence of the labs and is “extremely concerned” about the idea of Russia seizing control of these laboratories.

“I’m extremely concerned, as should be every American and everyone in the world,” Gabbard began. “The seriousness of this situation really can’t be overstated.”

“So, if there were or are, obviously that would be a violation of the Biological Weapons Convention,” she added. “Number two, they categorically have been trying to hide this, as you’ve laid out very, very well. And then once they were found out, rather than saying: Hey, you know what, this is a critical emergency, it’s a crisis. We have these pathogens in the midst of a warzone, not just in one location but between 20 and 30 labs in Ukraine. This is a global crisis. We’re going to take action immediately.”

Gabbard concluded by saying that the labs needed to be “shut down immediately” because they are “posing a threat to the world.”

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