Ukraine Prosecutor CONFIRMS The Rumors – Biden Is…

The Ukrainian prosecutor that Joe Biden got fired has now gone on record saying he was ordered to stop investigating Hunter Biden’s energy company in the months before he was fired.

Viktor Shokin said he was told in a meeting with then-Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko that Biden was holding up one billion dollars in aid because of Shokin’s investigation into Burisma, where Hunter Biden was paid $50,000 per month and reportedly made $1.3 million in just 18 months.

“Mr. Shokin was called into Mr. Poroshenko’s office and told that the investigation into Burisma and the Managing Director where Hunter Biden is on the board, has caused Joe Biden to hold up one billion dollars in U.S. aid to Ukraine,” notes from the meeting read. Shokin also said he made requests for information about Hunter Biden, but nothing was received.

The notes were taken during a phone call with Shokin, during which two translators were used so all parties could understand each other. The notes were distributed to reporters during a White House meeting that many thought would be focused on Trump’s actions, not Biden’s.

No wonder former President Barack Obama reportedly told Joe Biden that he “didn’t have to run” for president. Biden’s candidacy now stands to leave a big stain on Obama’s White House record, even if Obama didn’t know about what was going on, which is unlikely.

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