BREAKING: Democrat Leaks Joe Biden’s Ukraine Scandal – She’s Telling Everything…

Despite being a Democrat, because of the simple fact that she thinks before she speaks, Tulsi Gabbard is becoming more and more popular among American conservatives.

The former Representative from Hawaii recently appeared on Fox News to spill the beans about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to Gabbard, a competent set of leaders at America’s helm could have avoided all of this.

Instead, we got Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Guess what happened.

“Well, first of all, I do not in any way support Putin’s decision to go into Ukraine,” Gabbard began. “It is causing and going to cause an immense amount of suffering for the people there. I’ve been to Ukraine a few times. I have personal friends who are still in Ukraine. People have nothing to do with politics, everyday Ukrainians, and they’re afraid, Tucker, and they’re angry. They are angry at Russia. They are angry at America, and they are angry at the failure of leadership that could have prevented this, and that is the thing that is most tragic about this heartbreaking situation with this war is that it could have been avoided.”

“If President Biden and NATO had done exactly what you were just talking about and agreeing, hey, we’re going to take NATO off the table for Ukraine, something that both the U.S. and NATO have agreed is not likely to ever happen and something that is a legitimate security concern for Russia that they won’t accept having U.S. and NATO troops on their border within Ukraine.”

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