Ukraine Ambassador Spills The Beans – It’s OVER

The closed-door testimony of former Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker did not suggest that President Donald Trump was involved in a quid pro quo with Ukraine, as media outlets tried to suggest on Friday.

The media tried to show bits and pieces of text messages by staff members that discussed the withholding of aid and tried to link it to Ukraine’s investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden. In reality, though, the texts and Volker’s tesimony made it clear that Trump wasn’t interested in a quid pro quo.

“At no time was I aware of or took part in an effort to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Biden,” Volker stated in his testimony. He further said that in the text messages he provided, “Vice President Biden was never a topic of discussion.”

Volker also said he cautioned the Ukrainians to focus on corruption and to be careful to avoid doing anything that could even appear to influence a U.S. election, let alone actually do so.

In later discussions Volker had with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, he reported that Ukraine’s corruption was mentioned but not Biden. Volker also said he didn’t perceive the withholding of aid to have had anything to do with whether Ukraine investigated Biden.

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