TX Shooter Revelation ROCKS D.C. – Media Stunned

A shocking fact about the Odessa, TX shooter just came out – and the media just doesn’t know how to spin this one.

Originally, the media reported that the Texas shooter had purchased his weapon privately, which does not require a background check.

Left-wing commentators wasted no time making hay of that supposed “loophole” in current gun laws, using it to push the background check narrative that is currently in vogue among Democrats who won’t come out and admit that they really just want to confiscate all guns.

There’s just one problem – the shooter didn’t get his gun from a private seller, and he didn’t take advantage of a loophole in the law.

In fact, he broke the law, as criminals tend to do. A bombshell revelation shows that the shooter purchased the weapon from an illegal manufacturer.

Once again its failure to enforce the current laws that lead to tragedy. We do not need more infringements on our rights. The laws that already exist need to be enforced.

Read the full story here.

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