Tulsi Gabbard SHOCKS Dems… She Will Vote To…

Rep.Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) just shocked her liberal colleagues in Congress. Appearing on national radio, the presidential candidate issued a stern warning to the Democratic Party.

It appears that Gabbard wasn’t finished calling out her own party after recently skewering Hillary Clinton on social media. On Breitbart News Daily, she declared a truth about immigration that anti-Trump politicians refuse to accept.

Gabbard said: “The reality is that we do not have a nation if we don’t have borders. It’s a false choice for people to say you’re anti-immigrant if you support secure borders. That’s just not the case.”

She continued by saying that it’s possible to achieve a balance in which we “have a secure border policy that’s effective and works,” but we also “reform our immigration system so that it works for our country.”

While Gabbard has certainly been unfairly critical of President Trump, she has also repeatedly struck a more reasonable tone on some key issues — particularly when it comes to combatting illegal immigration.

Hillary Clinton’s recent attacks on Gabbard — calling the congresswoman a “Russian asset” — prove that Democrats are afraid of this candidate. She doesn’t have a problem exposing her party for being weak and out of touch.

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