BREAKING: Fox News Host Is OUT – Fans Are Stunned

There’s something sinister going on in America, and Tucker Carlson wants absolutely zero part in it.

There’s little surprise that he’s referring to the Coronavirus pandemic here. But what is interesting is that he’s telling us the REAL pandemic didn’t have anything to do with a virus.

The actual illness may have never been the governments main concern.

What they were afraid of however, was being exposed.

Tucker explained: “They were afraid of being exposed. Theyโ€™d used American tax dollars to fund reckless experiments in China that in the end likely created COVID-19. If that fact were to become public, it would be over. Theyโ€™d be shamed and ridiculed and possibly even indicted. Their professional lives would be done.”

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  4. Everyone, from Biden down, needs to be indited for their crimes against humanity in the development and release of this virus. They knew exactly what they were doing and it is time for all of them to pay the price. What a total disgrace it is for these stupid people to be in charge of anything, much less the United States of America. They should all be sent to prison for life!

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