Tucker Carlson’s TV Show Targeted – Advertiser Pulls Out

We’ve seen it time after time. A conservative TV host tells the truth, and in return, liberal interest groups launch campaigns to pressure advertisers into dropping the show, and ultimately getting the host fired.

It’s happening to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, after Carlson said immigration makes America poorer and more divided. A major advertiser on Carlson’s show, Pacific Life Insurance, has already pulled ads from the program, and liberal advocacy groups are keeping the pressure up in hopes of getting more to withdraw.

So could Carlson’s show be off the air soon? It’s possible, but we’re optimistic he’ll survive. Fellow Fox host Laura Ingraham is still going strong after liberals attempted the same thing on her in 2017.

Carlson is still one of the most popular hosts on cable news, and he has the support of his bosses – for now. But the bitter truth is that all conservatives are always in danger of losing their livelihoods in today’s PC culture. Let’s hope Tucker isn’t next.

Read the full story here.

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