BREAKING: Fox News Host DEMANDS They Be Taken Away – Viewers Shocked…

Is anyone really surprised that Tucker Carlson’s truth bombs are making waves again?

This time, it was for blasting the federal government, demanding that we “strip these reckless morons of their monarchical powers and return this country to democracy.”

According to Tucker, you can’t call what we’re living in a democracy because Americans are not being given a voice on issues that impact their daily lives.

Instead of doing anything that will help America actually beat this thing, liberals have used COVID as a way to seize power. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: COVID mandates/restrictions are not about health, they are about POWER!

If masks were required for health, wouldn’t Stacey Abrams have been wearing one while posing with schoolchildren for a picture?

They don’t want you to think too hard, they just want you to shut up and vote for them. America’s waking up, and in 2022 it ain’t gonna happen.

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