Tucker Carlson Stuns Viewers, It Was Murder

Tucker Carlson is an expert at exposing the left’s agenda. Come to find out, without his nose for the truth, liberals would get away with anything — including murder.

During a recent episode of his show, Carlson invited a pro-choice activist on to discuss the startling comments by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam about a bill that would legalize abortion-on-demand at any stage of development. Instead of engaging in good faith, Carlson’s guest, Monica Klein, repeatedly shifted the subject away from his question.

Carlson asked her what she thought of Gov. Northam’s statement, in which, as Carlson put it, he said that “there’s a point where the mother and the physician can decide whether to kill the infant or not” after the infant is born.

Klein launched into the typical accusations that “reproduction healthcare is under attack by the Republican Party” and conservatives want a return to “back-alley abortions,” offering no response to Northam’s words or the bill. After repeated chances, Carlson finally told her, “I think less of you,” and the interview ended.

Read the full story here.

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