Tucker Carlson SHOCKS His Supporters – Farewell

Fox New superstar Tucker Carlson just shocked his supporters. Millions of fans across the nation are stunned. This means ‘farewell’ in a major way.

Carlson announced that Democrat-controlled San Francisco is in such disarray, some residents might be saying ‘goodbye’ to it forever. He interviewed business owner Gilles DeSaulniers — and he had a horrifying story to tell.

Carlson kicked off his show by introducing DeSaulniers. “He is thinking about abandoning San Francisco after he was bitten twice. He joins us tonight. Thanks very much for coming on. It’s hard to believe this is even real,” said Carlson.

DeSaulniers told viewers what happened. He said that a man came into his shop and caused a stir. The man was asked to leave, however, “he came back 15 minutes later to harass the employee, and he hit somebody and it got really violent.”

“Some of the staff subdued him and try to call the police to have them intervene and arrest him. In the process, he decided to bite me,” DeSaulniers continued, showing surprise as well that the incident actually occurred.

But this was the second time he was bitten. He recounted the first time as well, in which a woman “came in who was drugged out.” Once again, he tried to get this person to leave, but she “she just grabbed my arm and bit on it.”

See the full story here.

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