Tucker Carlson Outed In Leaked Video – Resignation?

Liberals are furious with Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson after a leaked video of him has gone viral, causing a social media firestorm with no end in sight.

In unaired footage of his show ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ he is seen in a passionate exchange of words with historian Rutger Bregman. “Why don’t you go f*** yourself, you tiny brain,” said Carlson.

Before Carlson’s comment, Bregman can be heard parroting a line perfectly suited for a Bernie Sanders speech or Marxist pep rally: “You are a millionaire funded by billionaires, that’s what you are… You’re part of the problem.”

Reportedly, the original purpose of this interview was to discuss Bregman’s comments at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland back in late January. His remarks included a rant about “the rich not paying their fair share” of taxes.

Following their recorded altercation, the footage was leaked on Twitter. Carlson apologized for being “rude,” but also made it clear that his pointed description of Bergman was “genuinely heartfelt” and he “meant it with total sincerity.”

Liberals like Bergman have no problem getting in front of other Marxist ideologues to spout their mantras about the evils of capitalism and prosperity, but when found on the hot seat with Carlson, they better bring more than just tired talking points.

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