Tucker Carlson Gives Notice To Fans – So, So Sad…

Tucker Carlson pointed out in his TV show monologue on Sunday that “so far, not a single Democrat presidential candidate has condemned Antifa” for recent attacks on border facilities.

In one incident, the U.S. flag was removed and a Mexican flag put up in its place. Another attack by a lone Antifa member saw several cars firebombed before the man, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, was shot dead. He had planned to burn down the Tacoma, Washington border facility.

“Antifa has the implicit support of the respectable left,” Carlson said. Some Antifa members praised the attacks and urged more of the same.

In contrast, a New York Times op-ed accused ICE agents of mass atrocities and said their home addresses should be made public. NPR contributor Kim Kelly also said in Teen Vogue that more people should fight back like those in Antifa.

“Government-funded news outlets are directly spreading the message of people who promote the murder of government officials,” Carlson said. “It’s sick.”

See the full video clip here.


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