Tucker Carlson Explodes… Stuns His Fans

Tucker Carlson had harsh words for Democrats on illegal immigration in his monologue Monday night, declaring that they only see immigrants as a means to power. They don’t care about them at all as they claim to do.

Carlson made the comments after telling about Gwinnett College professor Fang Zhou, a Chinese immigrant who came to the U.S. legally and now speaks out against illegal immigration.

Democrat activists are demanding that Zhou be fired from his job because of his immigration views. It’s clear, Carlson said, that Democrats only care about immigrants if they can control them.

“The more desperate, the less skilled, the less educated a potential immigrant is, the easier to control,” Carlson argued. Illegal immigrants fit this description perfectly, which is why Democrats want them here.

Illegal immigration isn’t helping the middle class in America, as Democrats also claim to want to do, Carlson pointed out. But, he finished, “helping regular Americans stopped being the agenda for Democrats a long time ago.”

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