Tucker Carlson Ends It On Live TV – Speculation Over

Fox News star Tucker Carlson is known for skewering liberals on his top-rated TV show, and now he’s exposed another dishonest tactic used by the left.

According to Tucker, the mainstream media has used a single word for nearly a century to describe Republicans taking political action: “Pouncing.” Only Tucker could have pinpointed this bias with such accuracy and humor.

He elaborated by saying that Hillary Clinton, for example, reportedly “endured multiple Republican pounces and lived to tell the tale” over the course of her political campaigns.

What about Barack Obama? Well, he said, Obama’s two terms as president “amounted to a single uninterrupted Republican pounce! Imagine the horror of that.”

Carlson joked further, “No wonder you don’t see him [Obama] much anymore. He’s still recovering.” Yes, there’s so much pouncing going on, Democrats are getting positively mangled on a regular basis.

It even shows up in news headlines, with recent examples including “Ocasio-Cortez Team Flubs a Green New Deal Summary, and Republicans Pounce” and “The Trump Internet pounced.” Do you feel sorry for liberals yet?

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