Tucker Carlson Ends It… Apologizes To His Fans

Tucker Carslon apologized to his audence after a debate witha former Clinton pollster about gun violence and gun control.

Carlson started out by asking Bernard Whitman why places like Chicago and Baltimore that have very strict gun laws have more shootings and gun deaths than states like Vermont where assault weapons are common.

Whitman tried to blame other states with weaker gun laws for the violence in tightly controlled areas and said 60 percent of guns seized in Chicago come from other states. Carlson wasn’t convinced, however, and asked why those states didn’t have high murder rates if Whitman’s reasoning was true.

Next, Whitman tried to say that it was the dense population in those cities that led to violence, but Carlson countered that other densely populated areas had far lower rates of gun violence. “Maybe it’s not the guns,” Carlson said.

Finally, an exasperated Carlson said to the audience about the debate, “This may be may last gun debate. It’s too stupid. I’m sorry to inflict that on you.”

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