Tucker Carlson Confirms Our Worst Nightmare… [Watch]

“The Democrat Party went entirely insane last night,” Tucker Carlson said after the first Democrat presidential debate on Wednesday night.

“[Elite Democrats] no longer care about what’s true, what’s possible, even what’s real,” he continued. “They live in a kind of dream state, a kind of fantasy punctuated by howls of self-righteousness.”

Carlson was referring to Julian Castro, a former Obama cabinet member, saying that a transgender female has a right to have an abortion, calling it “reproductive justice.” He also noted that the audience cheered wildly.

“The whole thing was like a cartoon,” Carlson injected, going on to comment that it was ludicrous for Elizabeth Warren to say that “it shouldn’t be illegal for foreigners to break our laws.”

Seeing Beto O’Rourke speak Spanish, Carlson asked, “How long until you’re banned from speaking [English]?” In Carlson’s view, the candidates were in a contest to see “who could be the most radical.”

See the full video here.


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