Tucker Carlson Comes Clean To His Fans – Wow

Tucker Carlson stunned his Fox News audience with video footage and a revelation that has liberals fuming. If they won’t come clean, he will do it for them.

Carlson started his commentary by showing a brawl and apparent shooting that took place in New York City at a subway station. Now in custody, the alleged shooter is a 26-year-old MS-13 gang member with previous arrests according to police. “Talking heads on TV are saying the whole thing is fake, none of this is happening, and you are a racist for thinking otherwise,” said Carlson.

This incident is yet another tragic example of our illegal immigration crisis and Democrats’ refusal to deal with the problem. Instead of joining President Trump to protect America, they are using these terrible incidents to play politics and keep their far-left base energized. It’s easier for them to yell “racist!” then to show some responsibility.

But as President Trump made clear in his State of the Union address, MS-13 members are being removed “by the thousands” and he’s committed to building the border wall at our southern border — with our without the help of Democrats.

See the full story here.

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