Tucker Carlson Breaks Bombshell – On Live TV

Joe Biden has been enjoying the love of politicians and a fawning media for most of this campaign. No one is really calling him out for the awful, sometimes racist, things that he says.

Even worse, his alleged corruption involving China and Ukraine is serious. But the media is not taking these allegations seriously. And the American people could be the ones to pay the price.

But Tucker Carlson is not happy with this. And now he’s breaking a major bombshell about Biden. The media does not want you to know about this, but he’s exposing the truth to all of his viewers.

Tucker revealed that Biden has a history of lying — including embellishing his own story — to try and help his political career. For instance, he claimed that he was Vice President during the Parkland shooting. He was not. Biden also once pretended that he was a coal miner. He also pretended to have many other jobs that he did not have.

Biden also once claimed that he was shot at in the Green Zone in Iraq. But that’s not true at all. He also claimed that his helicopter was forced down in the mountains of Afghanistan. There’s no proof that this ever occurred. Biden constantly embellishes stories.

It makes you wonder true it is when he claims he was some kind of civil rights leader. And more importantly, it also makes you wonder, Tucker says, whether he’s the sanest person in the presidential race. Biden says that is the case. But is it true? If he’s being as truthful about that as he is about everything else, all signs point to ‘no.’

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