Tucker Carlson Blows The Lid Off – It’s Confirmed

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson just blew the lid off a major story. He confirmed the worst, and Americans need to know about it.

In a recent segment on his show, Carlson declared the truth about the Democratic candidates running for president. They are playing in the “victimhood Olympics” to get votes.

Carlson elaborated that the Democrats’ goal as they travel around the country is “to convince voters that you have suffered more than anyone else.”

To the radical Democrats, he said, “whining is power.” This is how they think they’re going to win over Americans in 2020. Talk about out of touch.

One example he provided centered on Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg’s attacks against Vice President Mike Pence. Buttigieg and Pence are both from Indiana.

The openly-gay candidate asked a crowd “not judge my state by our former governor,” implying that Pence is bigoted. Carlson said this proves Buttigieg “just wants to talk about the real victim here — himself.” This is typical Democrat behavior now, and it’s delusional.

Read the full story here.

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