Tucker Carlson Attacked By The Mob

Tucker Carlson is telling the truth again – and once again he’s being attacked for it.

After drawing the outrage of the liberal media by talking about the need to strengthen families in America, Carlson refused to back down – and he had some choice words for the people doing the attacking.

Among others, the women of The View accused him of sexism for arguing that when men earn less, they become less attractive to women.

Fox News reports:

Carlson said that amid the “View” panel’s critique, “no one contested the facts of what we said,” adding that one host later admitted that women strongly prefer marrying men who earn more than they do.

“We’re in a dark age because we are afraid,” he said of the situation. “[The facts are] not on the approved list of talking points.”

“We’re all terrified of being denounced by some mindless ideologue on TV [or] silenced completely by some big tech firm. A mob of angry children is suddenly in charge of the country,” he said.

But, Carlson said the solution is for members of what he considered the silent majority to stand up for themselves publicly.

“Terror only works if we play along with it,” he said.

Read the full story here.

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