Trump’s Secret Message To Jeffrey Epstein Revealed… Wow

If President Donald Trump is so tight with Jeffrey Epstein, who was just arrested for sex trafficking underage girls, then why did he ban Epstein from Mar-a-lago years ago after Epstein reportedly assaulted an underage girl there?

As the Federalist Papers reported, all the press can talk about since Epstein was arrested Saturday is how Trump said something nice about him 15 years ago–long before most people knew what he was doing to girls behind closed doors. If the two used to be friends, the press is panting, then Trump must be a pedophile scumbag, too, right?

Never mind how they are ignoring the fact that former President Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s alleged private sex island dozens of times and was photographed in friendly poses with him on a repeated basis. That means nothing compared to one Trump comment about Epstein being a nice guy who likes younger women.

But it seems obvious that Trump’s actions to ban Epstein from his properties show more about his values and involvement than some comment that predates Trump’s knowledge of who Epstein really was.

Will the press come to that same common-sense conclusion? Nah, it doesn’t fit their daily mission to find out how to destroy Trump at any cost–even, as they have proven over and over again–sacrificing truth to get what they want.

Read the full story here.

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