Trump WINS – Pelosi Walked Right Into His Trap…

President Trump has won. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just walked right into his trap like a political novice. It must feel awful to be bested by someone who isn’t a career politician.

According to columnist Joseph Curl with the Washington Times, Trump’s decision to publicly call out Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the other three radical congresswomen has forced Democrats to defend them.

“Mr. Trump wanted to call the four ‘progressives’ out, make them the subject, and force Democrats to defend them. By doing so, the entire party is now embracing the ideology they spew,” noted Curl.

And that’s because these extremists embrace “socialism to anti-Semitism to what can only be described as a deep disdain (if not hatred) for America and her principles, said Curl. “Kinda brilliant.”

He’s right, of course. This is a brilliant move by Trump to make the likes of Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar the centerpiece of the Democratic Party — to prove that the party is being controlled by their ideas.

Moderates no longer exist in Pelosi’s party. She has never been one, though she tries to pull the wool over people’s eyes. This is all a game to her, and it’s one that she’s not going to win. Trump has the upper hand and is going to prevail handily in 2020.

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