Trump Wins Historic Victory – They Said It Would Never Happen…

Democrats and their allies in the media have tried to destroy President Trump from the start. They doubt his intelligence and effectiveness because their sour over Hillary’s loss. But he just won a historic victory that might shut them all up for good.

His critics said it would never happen, but the economy under Trump is still posting huge numbers. Now it’s being reported that nearly 3 out of 4 new workers are coming from the ‘sidelines’ — those who previously stopped looking for work altogether.

Additionally, Trump’s economy has a staggering 3% growth rate, which blows away the previous administration’s measly record. Chairman of the White House Council of Advisers, Kevin Hassett, absolutely expects the growth to continue.

He said, “We’re very confident that [the growth] will continue. I know that right now, we’re saying we have a 3 percent year ahead, and everybody’s saying, ‘Oh, no, no. It’s going to be two. You’re higher than blue-chip [stocks].'”

Hassett then pointed out bluntly that the naysayers are just following a pattern. “But they said the same thing last year, and they said the same thing the year before. So far, we’re 2-for-2.,” he said.

When President Trump is re-elected in 2020, Democrats will realize that Americans don’t care about the political food fights or personality contests. Americans want jobs, a booming economy, and opportunity for their families.

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