TRUMP WINS – Court Says ‘YES’ – Pelosi Is Furious

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday that an injunction against an executive order by President Donald Trump to implement stricter asylum rules could be upheld, but only within the states of the circuit.

Trump’s executive order stated that asylum seekers had to be rejected by countries they reached first before they could apply for asylum in the U.S. In other words, an asylum seeker from Guatamala or Honduras would have to first apply for asylum in Mexico and be rejected before they would be allowed to apply in the U.S.

The rules were meant to decrease the number of asylum seekers trying to enter the U.S., but the Ninth Circuit’s injunction wanted to prevent the new rules from taking effect. The court ruled Friday that the injunction could stay in place, but would only apply to states within the Cicuit.

Border states California and Arizona are within the Ninth Circuit and would not prevent asylum seekers from beyond Mexico, but Texas and New Mexico are not within the Ninth Circuit and would abide by the Trump administration order, under the ruling.

The judges on the Ninth Circuit said they doubted whether Trump’s rules were legal, but that they only had the authority to restrict them within the circuit, not nationwide.

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