Trump Wins: Biggest Record Yet… [Developing]

Since day one, President Trump has worked hard for the American people, and some say he just had his biggest win yet. This could be his biggest record-breaking moment.

While the situation continues to develop, the stock market continues to soar under Trump’s watch — with the Nasdaq 4% from its record, the Dow 3.3% from its record, and the S&P 2.3% from its record. Incredible.

Of course, Democrats and the mainstream media will not give Trump any credit for the stock market’s performance, but it cannot be denied that strong stocks reflect sound economic policy.

This means that consumer and business confidence is high and may even rise further. What will the Democrats say if the stock market hits or even exceeds its all-time high? Well, there will be crickets.

It’s because they cannot bring themselves to recognize reality: Obama’s policies were terrible for the economy, while Trump, with his business background and common sense, knows exactly what he’s doing.

Concerning this stock rally, Sam Stovall, the chief investment strategist at CFRA, said, “I think the market’s feeling like there really is nothing to be worried about.” There you have it.

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