Trump WINS BIG… Pelosi Never Saw It Coming…

Of about 55,000 immigrants who were sent back to Mexico to await the resolution of their asylum claims, only about 20,000 are estimated to still be waiting, while nearly half have returned home.

Nearly 13,000 cases have been completed, which leaves 22,000 that have decided not to wait on the U.S. any longer.

“We’re now sending the message that, if you’re coming here as an economic migrant, you’re not going to be allowed into the United States,” Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan, who has called MPP a “game-changer,” told reporters this month. “That’s driving a lot of people to return.”

The policy, known as Migrant Protection Protocols, replaces the catch and release policy that previously released the migrants into the general U.S. population, where many would disappear and never show up for their hearings.

A program that goes along with MPP helps migrants go back to their homes outisde the U.S. if they decide to do so.

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