Trump gives welfare abusers horrible news

For years Republicans have talked about reforming social welfare programs — and now it looks like that talk will translate into action. Most of us understand that programs like Medicaid or welfare are for people who have fallen on hard times and should in most cases just be temporary fixes. But instead, these programs have created generations of entitlement addicts, sapped of their will to work. Until now.

President Trump has taken a step toward remedying the problem by rolling back some of former President Obama’s bad policies. Thursday, the Trump administration announced a new plan allowing states to create work requirements for Medicaid recipients. The requirements consist of working, taking classes, volunteering, or enrolling in work training.

States will be able to choose who is subject to these requirements, and the plan suggests leaving the elderly, disabled, pregnant women, and children out of the pool of those who must work. Obama’s expansion of Medicaid has been incredibly expensive, and at the very least, people who can work to receive the benefits should do so. It’s only fair that they do. (Read More…)

Only 13% of voters believe the ‘Fire and Fury’ anti-Trump book

Bad news for liberal muckraker Michael Wolff – America doesn’t believe his lies. According to a Morning Consult and Politico poll, only 13% of voters believe the book is credible. That means 13% of the poll’s respondents live in a fantasy world, apparently.

Wolff has been in an adversarial relationship with the truth his entire career, and Fire & Fury is his dishonest magnum opus. When Melania Trump said the book would be sold in the “bargain fiction” section, she was being kind. The book barely belongs in the tabloid section in line at the grocery store. Thankfully, Americans recognize Wolff for what he is: a partisan huckster. (Read More…)

Megyn Kelly faces backlash after saying some women want to be ‘fat-shamed’

She just can’t seem to get out of her own way. Month after month, Kelly seems to step into some controversy. Maybe it’s to scare up ratings for Today, her morning television show, or maybe she’s just not quick enough on her feet.

Kelly’s foot-in-mouth moment occurred in a recent interview with Maria Kang, the “Fit Mom” who posted a picture that quickly went viral in 2013. The photo depicts a very athletic Kang and her three young children with the words “What’s Your Excuse” overlayed at the top.

During the interview, Kelly said that some women “want to be shamed” for their bodies because it helps them stay skinny. Unsurprisingly, the internet exploded following Kelly’s remarks and social media castigated her for what many perceive to be insensitive remarks.

Irrespective of where one stands on the issue, there was probably a more nuanced way for Kelly to convey her opinion. She clearly realized this and backpedaled yesterday morning after the outrage reached a fever pitch. The controversy raises the question – is Kelly made of the right stuff for daytime TV, or does she really need to go back to politics, where her controversial style will fit better? (Read More…)

Putin announces that North Korea has ‘won’ the conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin took a few shots at President Trump in a recent statement about the ongoing feud between Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

Wait, I thought President Trump was Putin’s puppet? Oh right, that’s just mainstream media’s year-long lie that refuses to die.

Anyhow, Putin said that North Korea has “won this round” and that the U.S. should soften its rhetoric, and bring Kim to the table. Putin is a clever man, and everything he says has a motive behind it. He probably wants to be perceived as attempting to create peace while two countries are in conflict. In reality, Trump’s tough talk seems to have pushed Kim into talks with South Korea, so it might just be working. Mind your own business, Putin. (Read More…)

Soros family dumps $250,000 on Democrat running for Florida governor

Another year, another Soros-backed candidate vying for political office. This time it’s Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum who is running for Governor of Florida.

Gillum was formerly employed by Soros’s People for the American Way, an ironically-named organization that pushes left-leaning and anti-American policies. Soros and his son Alex have donated $250,000 to Gillum’s campaign coffers which now total over $765,000. There’s little doubt that if Gillum becomes governor that Florida will be subjected to Obama-style policies for his entire tenure.

Rick Scott, Florida’s current governor, is term-limited and will be ceding the office to a new contender. Hopefully, Florida has some solid Republican candidates to challenge Gillum or whoever wins the Democrat Party primary. (Read More…)

Trump administration says to expect new sanctions on Iran

Former President Obama talked a big game. Remember his red line in Syria? Yeah, that meant nothing. Trump, on the other hand, talks a big game and then follows it up with action.

For weeks now Trump and his administration have been condemning the government violence against protestors in Iran and warning them that the world is watching. Now he’s got some news for the theocratic Iranian regime: sanctions are coming. If the Iranian authorities want to murder and imprison their own citizens, they’ll pay for it. (Read More…)

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