BREAKING: Donald Trump Was RIGHT – Fake News Media Gets HUMILIATED

Donald Trump was recently accused of praising Adolph Hitler. But a stunning report from Alex Marlow is throwing substantial doubt on the claim.

Marlow first pointed out that the same people accusing Trump – the mainstream media – are also on record lying about Trump repeatedly:

I have to say, of all the hundreds of examples of fake news that I’ve been — that I went through, not just in the book itself, but in the research for the book, this might have been the single fakest item of them all, that Trump called dead Marines ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’ and refused to honor them at their gravesite. The reason why I know this is because not only was there not a single on-record source that confirmed that story. It was all anonymous sources.”

Then Marlow noted that, similar to the ‘losers’ comment, the Hitler criticism has no data to back it up.

“Every single on-record source, north of a dozen … said the story was not true,” said Marlow. “Yet, that became papal bull for the establishment press. Apparently, on the same trip, according to this new book that I haven’t got a chance to read yet, another anonymous source says that Trump was praising Hitler. It’s just the same fake news machine.”

To read more about this story, click here.

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  5. The left just lies and no one in the media ever checks out their lies. So they just keep on putting lies out there and some of the gullible people believe them.

  6. Am sick of reading reports of things we need to know anout going on in this country that everyone should want to know about and get responses from a bunch of stupid people that apparently don’t know enough to get a job and think we are all as dumb as they are. If they are making that kind of money sitting on their A** and not knowing anyhing maybe the IS should know about it,

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