BREAKING: Kamala Harris LEAVES – Trump Was Right

You really don’t have to look any further than America’s southern border to realize just what a disaster the current administration in Washington is.

I mean, come on folks, Kamala has been everywhere BUT the southern border, and even after Trump forced her to plan a trip, she STILL hasn’t gone. Yes, she went to Texas, but she couldn’t even SEE the border, she was nine miles away! She was also on the eastern side of Texas, which ISN’T where the big problems are.

Lester Holt confirmed it in English first, but this video proves Kamala Harris has no idea what she’s talking about in ANY language.

I just don’t get it. Kamala, you STILL haven’t been to the border. Why do you keep saying “We’ve been to the border”?

The lies are getting to be out of control, even by liberal standards. When are they going to have to answer for their crimes?

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  3. Crooked sleazy Joe and his whore are worthless. Thank God 2022 is coming and the Republicans will sweep the House and the Senate and Kevin Mc Carthy will be speaker and Joe and Kamala will be Impeached and McCarthy will become President and reverse all the crap that Joe has done and America will be safe and secure again !

  4. 2020 can’t get here quick enough. Hopefully it will be possible to undo all the harm that the current admin has done. The Biden legacy will be that they were the only admin that destroyed America.

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