Trump Walks Up To Dead Cop’s Family – Stuns Everyone…

During an emotional moment, President Trump shocked everyone by what he said to the family of a fallen law enforcement officer. It’s stunning.

Trump, while speaking at a press conference on border security, motioned to Reggie Singh, whose brother, Ronil, was tragically killed by an illegal immigrant.

After Singh gave a heartbreaking and courageous tribute about his brother’s love of America and commitment to the law, Trump leaned in and said something no one expected.

“We’re with you, you know that, right?” whispered Trump to the man, who nodded in affirmative. Trump then gave Singh a big hug after the event concluded.

While this is a story from January 2019, it’s an important one to bring up again as the fight for our border takes center stage again. We cannot let good men like police officer Ronil Singh die in vain.

Trump cares deeply for our law enforcement community. It’s why he received strong support from them in 2016, including an endorsement from the nation’s largest union of border patrol agents.

See the full story here.

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