Trump VETO Alert – This Changes Everything

President Donald Trump may have to veto a $4.5 billion bill to provide humanitarian aid at the U.S. southern border as Democrats consider loading the bill up with protections for migrant children that could interfere with efforts to secure the border, the Daily Mail reported.

Reports say that detained children are facing harsh conditions and that some children have died after being in the care of the Border Patrol. More than 15,000 immigrants are now being detained in facilities with a maximum capacity of 4,000.

There have been hints that Trump is working with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to get a bill passed, but Hispanics and other Democrats in Congress are pushing Pelosi to add additional protections for children that could kill the legislation.

If Democrats insist on loading the bill with what they want and not with want Trump wants to secure the border, the children may not get the help that both sides say they want them to have.

The bottom line is, giving humanitarian aid could easily become an ever-expanding, never-ending proposition if nothing is done to stop and turn back the estimated 150,000 people that are coming across the border every month now. But then, that may very well be exactly what Democrats want.

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