Trump Has a ‘Surprise’ for N. Korea and Iran

North Korea and Iran have each been making threats against the United States, its allies, and its assets abroad. Iranian officials have threatened Israel, America’s strongest ally in the Middle East, and North Korea has been testing missiles and nuclear warheads. These moves are meant to intimidate the President, his advisers, and the American people. But President Trump isn’t flinching.

To show his resolve, Trump’s administration just released its National Security Strategy. Missile defense is a major priority. The strategy details a plan to create a ‘layered missile defense system’ which would “defeat missile threats prior to launch.” This technology is actually already in operation. See, for instance, Israel’s Iron Dome, which has intercepted quite a few missiles in the last few years. (Read More…)

Rapper ‘P. Diddy’ wants to buy Panthers, make Colin Kaepernick the quarterback

Rap mogul Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs has a pretty unusual idea. He just posted a video explaining that he’d like to buy the Carolina Panthers and make Colin Kaepernick the starting quarterback. Diddy has made quite a bit of money as an entertainer, with his net worth currently hovering around $820 million. The Panthers, however, are valued at around $2.3 billion, so he’s got to find some investors to join him. But just how good of an investment would that be?

Let’s see, Kaepernick’s antics kicked off a series of America-bashing incidents that sent the NFL into a pretty serious slump. Tickets for some games can be purchased for as low as five bucks. So Diddy and Co. will likely be losing out on quite a bit of money with that venture. In that case, have at it, Diddy. (Read More…)

Jesse Watters says FBI plotted ‘coup’ against Trump

The Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters is setting the record straight on just how serious this Trump investigation charade really is. Watters said the investigations into Trump’s alleged collusion were “weaponized” to destroy his presidency for political purposes, and that they effectively constitute a “coup.”

It has become exceedingly difficult to call the investigations anything else. Over a year in, and what has been put forward? A lot of nothing. The shadow state within the government, it turns out, wasn’t some covert organization. Instead, it was a bunch of partisan bureaucrats who believe they matter more than the American people. (Read More…)

2016 presidential candidate Jill Stein is under investigation

Speaking of Russian investigations, Green Party “nominee” Jill Stein just got an invite to the party. Stein and her campaign staff were actually pretty close with some Russian entities, not least of which was the Russian television network, RT News. Some say that the network acts as a propaganda machine for the Kremlin, pushing pro-Kremlin news and spin.

Stein was a frequent guest on the network, and a major figure on her campaign, Dennis Trainor Jr., produced a documentary for RT news. Worse, Stein actually attended a dinner hosted by RT in Moscow where Russian President Vladimir Putin was in attendance. Where’s that collusion, again? (Read More…)

Donald Trump defies Obama, drops climate change as ‘national security threat’

Earlier this year it was the Paris Accords and now this. Trump just removed climate change from the list of national security threats to the United States. He’s tearing down President Obama’s disgraceful legacy one piece at a time.

This is a smart move no matter how you slice it. First off, national security threats do not come from environmental causes, they stem from human beings. That means states, terrorist networks, and solo actors, not theoretically warmer temperatures or higher sea levels.

Additionally, by this action, Trump has demonstrated his practical approach to climate change. Any changes that the U.S. makes to environmental policies need to be measured in economic terms. President Trump seems to understand this. (Read More…)

In 2005, Al Franken was busted for taking $875k from children’s club – claimed it was an accident

Out of the frying pan and into the fire for Franken. I would say Senator Franken, but that title doesn’t apply any longer. He may have paid the political price for his sexual harassment and assault allegations, but his past isn’t quite finished with his present.

Back in 2005, a company for whom Franken worked called Progress Media took an $875,000 loan from a non-profit organization called Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Clubs. The State’s attorney general began an investigation into the transfer to see if taxpayer money, which the organization had received, was a part of the loan. The investigation led to the head of the non-profit resigning and pleading guilty to a host of charges related to the transfer.

So where does Franken fit in? Well, he said on his radio show, which operated under the conglomerate that was ‘Progress Media,’ that he knew nothing about the transfer, and questioned the legality of paying the money back to the non-profit. It turns out Franken actually did know about the transfer, and his signature was on official transfer documents. So I guess he’s a liar, a crook, and a sexual harasser. Not a good look, Al. (Read More…)

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