Trump Steps Off Plane In S. Korea – Gets Surprise Of His Life…

When President Donald Trump’s plane touched down in South Korea and he stepped outside, he got a big surprise when hundreds, if not thousands of people were there, having a rally to welcome him.

Trump was greeted by a crowd of South Koreans in the capital of Seoul, waving American and South Korean flags in anticipation of his visit. The mainstream news media will not cover this event, since left-leaning journalists want their readers to think that everyone around the world hates Trump.

However, Trump has had many successful meetings with foreign leaders, and some people in other countries have recognized that he isn’t the ogre that the press wants people to believe he is.

Just in the last few days, Trump restarted talks with both China and North Korea in areas of trade and nuclear disarmament after they stalled earlier in the year. Trump also became the first U.S. president to step foot in North Korea when he got Kim Jong Un to meet him briefly at the Demilitarized Zone.

Trump has managed to balance putting U.S. interests first with his foreign policy goals by making leaders aware that they will also benefit from the initiatives he wants to see enacted.

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