Trump Son Comes Forward – Explosive Decision

Donald Trump Jr. has made the explosive decision to challenge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her refusal to meet with “Angel moms.”

On Instagram, Trump Jr. posted footage of parents of Americans killed by illegal immigrants.

One of those parents was Mary Ann Mendoza, who lost her son to a drunk driver and has made multiple failed attempts to connect with Sen. Pelosi.

“Why is [Pelosi] ignoring and refusing to meet with these heroic Angel mom’s?” asked Don Jr., captioning the video. “The victims of illegal immigration deserve a voice, even if Pelosi and her Democrat friends want to pretend they don’t exist.”

The left will do its best to bury these victims’ stories, but President Trump has already reposted his son’s Instagram post, and many conservatives continue to flood social media with the names and faces of the American casualties of lax border enforcement.

Read the full story here.

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