Donald Trump makes surprising announcement

According to reports, President Donald Trump has agreed to contribute at least $430,000 to cover legal fees for those aides who have been caught up in FBI Director Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion probe. This money is coming directly from Trump’s own pocket.

Since November 2016, one of the biggest stories in American politics is the supposed “collusion” between the Kremlin and the Donald Trump campaign. The most striking part about the collusion story? The utter lack of evidence of wrongdoing, even after almost a year of media speculation.

Given the recently revealed details about Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration’s deals with Russian Uranium companies, Trump and his team have fired back at Democrats and Mueller as the real parties engaged in “Russian collusion.” If there ever was a case to appoint a special prosecutor, this would be it. (Read More…)

Hungarian Official Exposes Soros’ Dark Plot.

On Monday, Christian Democratic People’s Party politician Andras Aradszki went before the Hungarian parliament in Budapest and unveiled the “wickedness” of Hungarian billionaire George Soros. In no uncertain terms, Mr. Aradszki called Soros an “agent of Satan.”

Aradszki grasps what many western politicians do not; that religion is a real and driving force in the lives of his constituents and the political dialogue of his nation. And there is no doubt that Soros, with his explicitly anti-Christian concept of the open society (taken from atheist philosopher Karl Popper), is a threat to that civil consensus.

Leaked emails from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) have exposed that it is involved in paying money to corrupt politicians, funding political efforts designed at stopping populist politicians in Western Europe, and fomenting revolutions and political instability.

The fact that Soros just this past week donated the majority of his fortune to the OSF means that Aradszki’s battle is just beginning. Soros is evil and his agenda is as well. (Read More…)

Popular Family Returns to Television.

Discovery Communications confirmed that the late Steve Irwin’s family would be returning to Animal Planet next year. While details haven’t been released yet, Discovery’s CEO David Zaslav says the series will be “action-oriented” and will “hopefully … take them around the world.”

Years have passed since the tragic death of the contagiously positive, crocodile-wrangling man-from-down-under Steve Irwin, but his family is now ready to return to television. It’s inspiring to see the Irwins bounce back from such a devastating tragedy, and is a testament to what a strong family can achieve.

American society is obsessed with politics and television programming revolves around this or overly dramatic, fake reality shows. This would be a breath of fresh air. We need more of this type of programming and less of the Kardashians. (Read More…)

Powerful Democrat Calls for Censorship.

Former Federal Election Commission (FEC) head (and faithful Democrat) Ann M. Ravel recently proposed that the government should monitor social media in order to rid the world wide web of “fake news.” This is an example of the type of censorship that has become commonplace for Democrats to call for.

Ravel, who headed the FEC under former President Barack Obama, co-authored a paper that argues that the federal government should censor what it deems to be “fake news” in order to “educate” America’s voters.

The biggest problem with this proposal is: “Who will watch the watchmen?” Mainstream media outlets have all been caught peddling “fake news,” and previous White House administrations have done the same. Should Americans trust that these entities will not warp the news to fit their agendas?

One unintended consequence of such attitudes? They keep many Democrats out of Congress and the White House. That’s about the only good thing to be said for them. This is scary. (Read More…)

Chilling Report Uncovered About Bill O’Reilly.

Fox News has attempted to reform a pervasive culture of sexual harassment that has plagued them in recent years, resulting in the loss of a CEO and two popular news anchors after their sexual conduct was made public. Unfortunately, they appear to be at least partially responsible for allowing this horrible environment to fester. Reportedly, Fox extended host Bill O’Reilly’s contract despite knowing about a $32 million sexual harassment suit settlement.

It’s not just the entertainment industry who are willing to turn a blind eye to sexual misconduct. Let’s hope that with the revelation of these acts against women, that Fox News will get it’s ship in order and create a sense of accountability for any future perpetrators. These disgusting acts must stop. (Read More…)

Democrat Caught Red-Handed in Crime.

Steven Brisee, who sought the Democratic nomination for the New York’s 19th Congressional district, was arrested on several charges, including grand larceny, after he allegedly attempted to shoplift approximately $1,500 of clothing from a Kohl’s department store. Brisee also faced a trespass charge after being caught staying in an empty home without permission in Kerhonkson, New York, on Sept. 9.

The official reason Brisee gave for discontinuing his Congressional bid was a problem with campaign finances. He did not bring up the criminal charges. Shoplifting and breaking and entering aren’t exactly resume boosters when running for office, although he would be in good company with other Democrats who have roughly the same attitude towards the federal budget as Brisbee has towards the Kohls bargain bin. Good Riddance. (Read More…)

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