Trump Sends Shock Order To Vladimir Putin – It’s Huge

All we’ve heard about for over two years is squawking from the Democratic Party about Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ and their accusation that he loves dictators like Putin. Well, once again, President Trump has thrown cold water on their delusional thinking.

Speaking on the dangerous political situation in Venezuela, Trump made it abundantly clear in a statement where he stands on Russian involvement. “Russia has to get out,” he said. “All options are open” to make them withdraw from the country.

Trump gave the statement to press at a meeting in the Oval Office with the wife of Juan Guaido, Venezuela’s rightful president. Unsurprisingly, Russia and China support the nation’s longtime leader, Nicolas Maduro, a Marxist ruler and tyrant.

Under Trump’s leadership, the United States has stood behind Guiado, even in the face of opposition from socialists like Senator Bernie Sanders, who, regrettably, is a presidential candidate once again.

Unless Americans want to go the way of Venezuela and other far-left countries, the evil philosophy of communism peddled by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, and Nicolas Maduro needs to be soundly rejected.

Former President Ronald Reagan knew how to deal with the scourge of communism. President Trump is showing the same kind of leadership in the face of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela brought upon by the iron fist of Marxist ideology and its radical adherents.

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