Trump Sends Hillary a Personal Message

Crooked Hillary may just have gotten downgraded. Donald Trump hasn’t stopped throwing out zingers just because he won the presidency. In fact, he’s only gotten better.

President Trump’s new nickname for Hillary is the “biggest loser,” and he’s spot on as usual. “Crooked Hillary” was accurate last year when her shady email setup and Clinton Foundation dealings were rightly being questioned. Since the Uranium One and Trump Dossier scandals have broken, “crooked” seems even more fitting.

If tradition holds true, then Hillary is in for some even bigger losses. Trump wants a rematch — let’s hope she accepts. (Read More…)

In wake of shootings, Florida church sign warns would-be attackers

In recent years we’ve learned that churches aren’t off limits for terrorist attacks and crazed killers. Now church folks are making it clear that they aren’t willing to become statistics.

The River at Tampa Bay Church posted signs on its doors warning any potential attackers that these parishioners won’t go quietly. One of the churchgoers posted the sign on Instagram: “Please know this is not a gun free zone — we are heavily armed . . .” The warning goes on to get even more grave for any would-be murderers.

Associate Pastor Allen Hawes of The River let it be known that “People here will defend their families.” It’s difficult to disagree with the pastor. People are becoming fed up with this senseless violence. Good for them for doing something about it. (Read More…)

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sued for ignoring sexual harassment reports

Governor Cuomo is in trouble. It turns out Cuomo can’t control his own people. Worse, he didn’t take action when sexual harassment complaints crossed his desk. One of his political appointees, William Hoyt, nearly drove his victim to a breakdown — and Cuomo ignored it.

Cuomo built a political brand around protecting people from their own choices. (New York soda ban anyone?)

That’s not much good if he can’t protect them from his choices. The Governor should get his own house in order before telling other Americans how to live. (Read More…)

Donations to Clinton Foundation plummet for second straight year

Speaking of Crooked Hillary’s scandals, it turns out things are getting worse for her and Bill. It turns out that when the two can’t trade political influence for money, their foundation spirals!

The Clinton Foundation is struggling to raise money now that they have nothing to sell. Not only are donations down at the foundation, but employees have been laid off as well. Give it a few more years and we might see the foundation crumble entirely.

Who knows if the Democrats could stomach another Clinton run, but it’s difficult to imagine Hillary winning. Donors to the Clinton Foundation are unlikely see a return on their investment. I don’t feel sorry for them. (Read More…)

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski calls Bill Clinton a ‘sexual predator’

At least she’s being honest! It’s often difficult to agree with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, but she’s right on the money here.

On Friday, Mika made the astute observation that all the scrutiny surrounding sexual harassers hasn’t been applied to former President Bill Clinton. Bill is, as Mika stated, a sexual predator. Not only did Slick Willy harass women, but he’s also been accused of assault and even rape.

It’s about time Bill is rightly condemned for his disgusting and criminal behavior. Hillary also deserves to be ostracized for her cover-ups and character assassination campaigns against his accusers.

Way to go, Mika. (Read More…)

Report: Congress paid out $17 million to settle harassment claims

We got a good look one of the darkest parts of the swamp this week. The Congressional Office of Compliance revealed that $17 million was spent settling sexual harassment claims against members of Congress. And we’re the ones footing the bill.

Unfortunately, the law protects the names of the harassers, so we can’t even determine who the culprits are.

These people have already run up trillions in debt. Now we discover that we’re paying for them to harass their staffers? This is absurd. (Read More…)

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