Trump REVERSAL Decision… Obama Devastated

President Trump reversed a major decision and Obama is devastated. The former president is watching his entire ‘legacy’ unravel before his very eyes.

It is being reported that over six million Americans are off food stamps, a stunning turnaround from the Obama years. Readers will remember that it was essentially Obama’s goal to get as many Americans as possible hooked on government help.

Additionally, since the Obama Administration provided nothing to resolve the issue, legislatures around the country passed restrictions on the food stamp program (SNAP) in order to provide accountability.

SNAP enrollment has dramatically declined as a result since 2013. Now, with President Trump, the effort to ensure that only Americans who need assistance get it — and that it is temporary help — continues to move forward.

During a recent interview, Trump made it clear that in addition to tightening the reigns on SNAP, he is committed to initiatives that curb the number of people coming to this country already hooked on taxpayer-funded assistance.

“I don’t want to have anyone coming in that’s on welfare,” he said recently. This is something that all Americans can get behind. It is saving taxpayer money and cutting off generational welfare so no one gets trapped in it.

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