BREAKING: Kamala Harris FUMING After Donald Trump Reveals Bombshell – He Didn’t Hold Back…

If you’re looking for legitimate political reasons why Kamala Harris and the rest of the White House is failing, Donald Trump is placing the blame on their “gross incompetence.”

If you want a less political answer on why Kamala creeps everyone out, how about the fact that she laughs like an evil scientist in a Saturday morning cartoon?

Trump is taking issue with both of these matters.

“It would have never happened, and it never should have happened. I just watched on your show, I just watched the vice president laughing about the immigration, this horrible situation with the immigration, and I just watched the laugh, and it was almost like the laugh of a madwoman. To be laughing about that. It’s a sad situation. We have people in there that are grossly incompetent, and you know it. And so does everybody else. And by the way, so do the Democrats know it.”

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