Trump Gives Perfect Response to Texas Church Shooting.

President Trump had the perfect response to the Texas church shooting. Times like these call for compassion, candor, and most of all, truth.

Trump’s response had all of these. He lambasted the Texas Church shooter Devin Kelley as a “very deranged individual,” and crucially, called it fortunate that “somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction.

Kelley was shot by an NRA instructor before fleeing and taking his own life. An armed and unharmed Kelley would likely have taken more lives, both at the scene of the church shooting, and during any police attempt to apprehend him. Trump was right. It “would have been much worse” if a good guy with a gun hadn’t stopped the killer. (Read More…)

Walmart Shooter’s Family ‘Secret’ Revealed.

Michelle Willoughby, the stepsister of alleged shooter Scott Ostrem, told a local newspaper on Monday that her brother has heard the “voices of demons” in his head since taking LSD nearly 30 years ago. Was the man suspected of killing three people at a Colorado Wal-Mart mentally ill?

The stepsister informed reporters that the Wal-Mart shooter had spoken with a priest in the past but he failed to seek professional mental health assistance. Ostrem was charged on Monday with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder.

With the left so hell-bent on imposing gun control, when will they acknowledge that a mental illness crisis is the real issue in America? (Read More…)

Kim Jong-un’s Horrifying Secret Discovered.

Reports by North Korean defectors reveal some dark secrets. The area around the country’s nuclear testing sites is becoming an ecological wasteland.

Defectors say that in Punggye-ri, in Kilju county, 80% of newly planted trees die, and underground wells have run dry. Defectors say that citizens were not notified of the tests or potential fallout.

Other sources say they’ve personally witnessed “corpses floating down the river with their limbs severed,” or heard from relatives still in Kilju that “deformed babies” are being born in North Korean hospitals.

While the threat of nuclear war is justifiably alarming to Westerners, one former North Korean, Ellie Cha, reminds us that the North Korean people are already suffering: “Whenever you hear about nuclear, you hear about Kim Jong Un, please remember the people’s lives, people still living under the repressive society.”  (Read More…)

Woman Gets Taught a Lesson After Flipping Off Trump.

Liberal Juli Briskman had a difficult time finding a positive outlet for her disdain for President Trump, so she offered him a single-finger-salute as his motorcade passed her by in Sterling, Virginia.

The anti-Trump mainstream media publicized a photo of the obscene gesture as if it were newsworthy content, highlighting the left’s support for their new “she-ro.” Pleased with herself, Briskman used the photo as a social media profile picture, a move that ultimately got her fired from her job at Akima LLC. Akema cited their social media policy which prohibits employees from posting “lewd” or “obscene” photographs.

Briskman isn’t worried; she told the Huffington Post she hopes to find work with a group like Planned Parenthood or PETA — two places where her preferred method of self-expression will likely be appreciated. (Read More…)

Shocking Truth Revealed About Church Shooter.

The FBI’s “National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, is all about saving lives and protecting people from harm — by not letting guns fall into the wrong hands.” Unfortunately for the 26 Texans brutally slain by disgraced Air Force veteran Devin Patrick Kelley — men, women, and children as young as 18 months — NICS did not function as advertised.

A brutal domestic assault conviction should have kept Kelley from purchasing the Ruger AR-15 rifle that he used to pump round after deadly round of 5.56mm ammunition into a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. But the Air Force failed to enter Kelley’s domestic abuse conviction into NICS.

There are sensible gun safety measures that should be utilized to keep guns out of the hands of monsters like Kelley. But if the government can’t even follow their own rules, what makes us think that more government legislation is the answer? (Read More…)

Church Shooter’s Real Motive Revealed.

Recent revelations confirm that Texas church shooter Devin Kelley sent threatening text messages to family members prior to his attack.

Kelley had expressed anger toward his mother-in-law who attended the First Baptist Church services on occasion. Investigators seem to have concluded that religious reasons were not a motivating factor, and are now trying to determine if a family dispute was.

No matter the circumstance, it was a vile act, but it is even more disturbing if the innocent churchgoers were not even the initial targets. Kelley’s complete disdain for human life is shocking. (Read More…)

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