Trump RESIGNATION Bombshell – He Just Announced…

News is spreading about a resignation bombshell. President Trump just announced it, and Washington is in chaos. No one expected this to happen.

“Rep. Adam Schiff totally made up my conversation with Ukraine President and read it to Congress and Millions,” tweeted Trump. “He must resign and be investigated.”

Trump continued, “He has been doing this for two years. He is a sick man!” The president couldn’t be more right — Schiff has a lot to answer for and cannot slip by without accountability.

For nearly three years, Schiff has been part of the ridiculous push to delegitimize Trump’s presidency through the Trump-Russia “collusion” probe, which turned out to be nonsense. But now he’s been exposed even more.

After Trump released the transcript of his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the entire “whistleblower” narrative was proven to be nothing more than hot air.

Pelosi, Schiff, and other House Democrats thought the anonymous whistleblower’s complaint was legitimate, and then spread lies about the call. Americans should call for all of them to resign.

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